Grant: $2,797,049 - Department of Housing and Urban Development - Aug. 27, 2009

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Award Description: All of the projects selected by the County of Riverside to receive CDBG-R funds meet the requirements of Title XII of Division A and Section 1602 of the Recovery Act: Project 1: Kay Ceniceros Senior Center Expansion Project (CDBG-R 1) It is anticipated that these construction activities will result in the creation of at least 35 temporary construction jobs. According to the operator of the adult care services, Care Connexxus, the new facility will allow them to retain the seven (7) full-time staff, the volunteers, and add one full-time staff upon completion. In addition, the project will create jobs in various construction related trades including surveying, materials testing, and inspection. Furthermore, the expanded facility will provide for a 38% increase in daily client enrollments for a total of 25. For many working families, adult day care is just as much of a financial burden as child care. Affordable adult care allows these families to seek and retain employment. In addition, this new facility will provide for the increase and expansion of senior services at the main Senior Center. The renovation and modernization of the Kay Ceniceros Senior Center will incorporate various energy-saving upgrades including insulation, weatherization, lighting, and water conserving plumbing improvements. In addition, the landscaping will incorporate water conserving measures. Project 2: FIND Regional Food Distribution Center Improvements (CDBG-R 2) It is anticipated that these construction/installation activities will result in the creation of at least twenty (20) temporary construction jobs. In addition, FIND Food Bank will hire one additional full-time position as well as several part-time cleaning/housekeeping positions. The new food distribution center will be located within a recently constructed facility (finished February 2009) that incorporates modern energy efficient features including insulation, glazing, lighting, heating and cooling, and water conservation. Once the CDBG-R funded improvements and fixtures are in place, the more efficient design and layout of the food distribution center will result in reduced operation time of forklifts as well as reduced idling time of large truck and other vehicles. In addition, the new facility will enable trucks and vans to be loaded or emptied in faster time resulting in the need for fewer vehicle trips. The new facility will have larger and more energy-efficient cooler and freezer areas/rooms thereby eliminating the need for older, stand alone units. Project 3: Home Gardens Sidewalk and Pedestrian Safety Improvements (CDBG-R 3) It is anticipated that these construction activities associated with this basic infrastructure project will create 60 temporary construction jobs as well as jobs in various construction related trades including surveying, geotechnical, materials testing, and inspection. These basic sidewalk, curb, and gutter improvements will not utilize energy conservation and green building technologies directly. However, the improvements are expected to result in greatly increased pedestrian and non-motorized vehicle usage in the community due to increased safety and accessibility. Furthermore, as noted above, these improvements will improve storm water drainage and runoff in the area thereby aiding in the mitigation of water pollution. The improvements will also allow proper street cleaning thereby reducing PM10 dust mitigation and other pollution emissions.

Project Description: During the first reporting period for CDBG-R funded activities, the County completed NEPA environmental review requirements for Project 1 and Project 3. Project 2 is awaiting the Release of Funds from HUD. Furthermore, the County has prepared CDBG-R subrecipient agreements for the three projects. Project 1 and Project 3 will be administered by the County of Riverside; Project 3 will be carried out by a non-profit subrecipient. In addition, predevelopment design and engineering activities are underway for all three activities. As set forth in the Recovery Act, these predevelopment activities will allow the County to award contracts based upon bids within 120 days of the date that CDBG-R funds were made available to the County (August 27, 2009).

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Riverside, CA 92507
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