Contract: $90,000 - National Institute of Standards and Technology - Jun. 15, 2009

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Award Description: A simulation platform is proposed to develop multi-posed family models for micro-Doppler sensing. The multi-posed models adopt recently created human model development (virtual family model), re-size and posture adjustment for CAD model based human subject models, and apply hardware accelerated bio-electromagnetic modeling to understand EM interaction with human subject models. The phase I development will include 1) the integration of our virtual family model to OpenSim software package, 2) the integration of multi-term Cole-Cole dispersive model to model human dielectric properties, and 3) the testing of batch electromagnetic simulations with our graphic processing unit (GUI) accelerated electromagnetic modeling tool.

Project Description: In this SBIR Phase I project, We are proposing a simulation platform to develop multi-posed human models for understanding human electromagnetic characteristics. Primary technical progresses include: A. Integrate virtual family models into OpenSim environment; B. Review OpenSim existing algorithm and enhance its functions for our EM simulation requirement; C. Associate Cole-Cole parameters to multi-posed models; D. Automatically generate batch models for EM simulations and preliminary tests with a GPU accelerated FDTD code Currently we have defined the objectives and started the development jobs. From the beginning works, we start to program a girl?s model into the OpenSim environment. Now we have successfully transformed ?girl?s ears? and the transformation of the other tissues and prgans are in the process. To arbitrarily move the human model, we will finish following missions in OpenSim environment: (1) input bones into the model, (2) define joint positions, and (3) rotate bones. We have started to investigate the dielectric properties of human body and associated electromagnetic propagation characteristics for the human model. Also, the RCS property of the human target has been reviwed.

Jobs Summary: A simulation platform to develop multi-posed models for micro-Doppler sensing will be conducted in this project. CAD model based human subject models, and hardware accelerated bio-electromagnetic modeling will be developed to understand EM interaction with human subject models. The primary job function of this project is to develop the CAD-based model consists of individual CAD objects for organs and tissues. Every single organ can be defined as a CAD-based object. Therefore, it is convenient to entirely or partly construct the anatomical model as needed. Most of the EM simulation software can import the CAD data in standard formats. CAD-based models have become more and more attractive to researchers to employ them in numerical simulations. However, since each software may use its own simulation code or platform, transforming currently available models from one program to desired OpenSim, which is an open source software package, is time-consuming. Hence, besides building the electromagnetic models, understand and analyze the electromagnetic structures and properties of the human body is significant that determines the computing speed and accuracy. One person is responsible for 1) develop simultaneous and realistic arbitrary positioning of the models, and 2) conduct arbitrary placement and orientation of the human models; the other one is responsible for 1) analyze and provide volumetrically accurate and tissue-dependent EM properties for these models, and 2) manipulate rapid model repositioning and placement. They need verify the modeling results by comparing the laboratory measurement results. (Total jobs reported: 2)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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