Contract: $1,359,715,229 - Department of Energy - Apr. 9, 2009

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Award Description: 'The contractor shall, in accordance with the terms of this contract, provide the personnel, materials, supplies, and services and do all things necessary for, or incident to, providing its best efforts to perform the Recovery Act work. This work is identified by activities to be performed under the following WBS elements: WBS 011, Nuclear Material Stabilization and Disposition PFP: ? Disposition glove boxes, laboratory hoods, pencil tanks from facilities ? Prepare facilities for demolition ? Cost not to exceed $76,050,000.00 WBS 013, Solid Waste Stabilization and Disposition: ? Continue retrieving and re-packaging contact handled Transuranic (TRU) waste ? Initiate retrieval and disposition of remote-handled TRU waste (including large package waste) ? Continue building backlog of waste for shipments to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant ? Continue treatment of current backlog of legacy mixed, low-level waste ? Complete activities required to support disposition and deliver plutonium 238 drums to shipper ? Prepare and submit analysis/recommendations for wastes with uncertain disposition path including strontium and cesium capsules; initiate disposition of these wastes as directed by DOE ? Support increased disposal capabilities at the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility and Integrated Disposal Facility ? Cost not to exceed $54,900,000.00 WBS 030, Soil and Groundwater Remediation, Groundwater/Vadose Zone: ? Accelerate construction of the pump and treat facility, expand current pump and treat operations, and install additional wells in the 100 D/H Areas ? Accelerate construction of the pump and treat system for groundwater contaminants in both 200 West Area operable units ? Accelerate completion of remedial investigations, treatability tests, cleanup decisions, and groundwater well decommissioning in the Central Plateau Area ? Groundwater remediation and well drilling to support overall reduction of active clean-up of the Hanford Site ? Cost not to exceed $35,100,000.00 WBS 040, Nuclear Facility D&D - Remainder of Hanford: ? 200 North Area: ? Demolish spent fuel transfer storage facilities ? Remediate waste sites ? Dispose of locomotive and rail cars ? Complete cleanup of B/C Control Area ? Initiate remediation of other waste sites in the Central Plateau ? U Plant Zone: ? Demolish 5 remaining ancillary facilities Plateau Remediation Contract Section B Contract No. DE-AC06-08RL14788 A055 B-4 ? Disposition Cell 30 tank contents ? Clear canyon deck and grout-fill cells ? Complete demolition of up to 15 facilities in the Central Plateau Inner Zone ? Prepare and submit a study of utilization of a landfill for non-hazardous waste debris. Construct the landfill if directed by DOE. ? Complete demolition of DOE facilities and clean-up debris areas on the Arid Lands Ecology Reserve ? Cost not to exceed $89,100,000.00 WBS 041, Nuclear Facility D&D ? River Corridor: ? 100 K Area: ? Remediate waste sites along the river in the 100 K Area ? Accelerate D&D of 100 K ancillary facilities ? Accelerate 100 K waste site remediation ? Accelerate KE and KW Reactor disposition ? Cost not to exceed $63,900,000.00'

Project Description: 'Conducted a successful job fair in early April with more than 3,500 in attendance. Attended other job fairs recruiting workers who can be trained and put to work quickly. Hired or retained more than 2,800 jobs, with 80% of our new workers hired from within the state of Washington. Developed and implemented a comprehensive safety and field work training program for the new workforce. Placed over $183 million dollars in contracts with Recovery Act funds and awarded more than 73 percent of those contract services to small businesses. Plutonium Finishing Plant (PFP) Deactivation and Decommissioning (D&D) ? Initiated PFP decommissioning and successfully removed 22 gloveboxes and hoods. Solid Waste Stabilization and Disposition - Treated and disposed 197 cubic meters of low-level and mixed low-level waste and retrieved 149 cubic meters of suspect contact handled Transuranic waste. Initiated self-performance of disposal at the Environmental Restoration and Disposal Facility. Soil and Groundwater Remediation, Groundwater/Vadose Zone - Conducting design work and initiated construction of the 200 West Area Groundwater Pump and Treat Expansion Project on the Central Plateau, the largest treatment system for contaminated groundwater to date at Hanford. Contracted for the construction of more than 230 wells across the site to support groundwater cleanup. Nuclear Facility D&D, Remainder of Hanford - Demolished tanks and began decommissioning ancillary facilities to prepare U Canyon facility for a first-of-its-kind demolition. Demolished two of three former fuel storage areas in the outer zone. Conducted aerial radiological surveys for characterization of the BC Control Area and completed characterization of nine waste sites at the 200 North area of the Central Plateau. Nuclear Facility D&D, River Corridor - Initiated remediation of the K Area waste sites.'

Jobs Summary: 'The reported full time equivalents (FTEs) value (621) includes only direct hires into the prime contractor positions within the CHPRC as required by the FAR 52.204.11. However, CHPRC is comprised of an integrated project team that includes 11 pre-selected subcontractors. Therefore, the total FTEs estimated for ARRA is 2,025 which includes the direct hires into the prime CHPRC (621), staff positions hired/retained by the pre-selected subcontractors (289), and an estimated FTEs (1,115) resulting from direct material orders and subcontract services that are required for ARRA scope completion. FTE calculated values for CHPRC and pre-selected subcontractors are based on actual labor hours/dollars charged to ARRA workscope. FTE calculated values for materials and subcontracts include actual cost to date on ARRA contract releases divided by the average cost of staff augmentation labor contracts at CHPRC. Types of labor resources include: Carpenters; Electricians; Millwrights; Painters; Pipefitters; Boilermakers; Iron Workers; Janitors, Laborers and Other Craft; Architects; Buyers; Procurement/Contracting Specialists; Communications Specialists; Computer Systems Analysts; Planners; Schedulers; Estimators; Engineers; Managers; First Line Supervisors; Health Physicists; Industrial Hygienists; Personnel & Labor Relation Specialists; Safeguards & Security Specialists; Trainers & Instructors; Technical Writers & Editors; Nuclear Waste Process Operator (NCO); Nuclear Waste Process Operator (D&D); Utilities System Operators; Chemists; Environmental Scientists; Geologists/Geophysicists/Hydrologists; Drafters; Engineering Technicians; Health Physics Technicians; Instrument & Control Technicians; Laboratory Technicians. ' (Total jobs reported: 621)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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