Grant: $3,324,669 - National Science Foundation - Sep. 4, 2009

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Award Description: The partnership between South Carolina (SC) and Tennessee (TN) is based on existing and planned collaborations in advanced materials and systems biology research, and in knowledge domains where computational science is driving new approaches and insights. The project's goal is to build cyberinfrastructure (CI) linked community specific knowledge environments that embody the desktop to TeraGrid ecosystem. In this ecosystem, the campus-based cyberinfrastructure at regional research institutions is an essential bridge for connecting faculty investigators to national resources such as the TeraGrid. The proposal aims to develop models that successfully bridge the current gap between desktop and TeraGrid.

Project Description: The award was received in September 2009. The primary activity to date is the establishment of sub-recipient contracts.

Jobs Summary: No jobs have been created to date under this award. (Total jobs reported: 0)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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Columbia, SC 29211
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