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Contract: $227,103,527 - Department of Energy - May. 5, 2009

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Award Description: Melton Valley Monitoring Wells This project involves the installation of groundwater monitoring wells to monitor and detect any potential off-site migration of contaminants from waste storage and disposal areas located in Melton Valley. The monitoring results from the well installation will confirm or refute the existence of any contaminants and may be used as the basis for future remedial actions, if required. Complete Removal Action at the Tank W-1A Project This project involves removal of Tank W1A (an underground storage tank located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Central Campus) and surrounding contaminated soils containing transuranic isotopes. This project also includes the packaging of waste in preparation for disposal of TRU soils at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and low-level soils at the Nevada Test Site. Approximately 355 cubic yards of contaminated soils will be removed and disposed. The accelerated completion of the removal action will reduce the Environmental Management liabilities and eliminate on-site sources of known contamination, reducing the risk of ongoing release of radioactive or other hazardous materials to the environment. Building K-27 Pre-Demolition This project will prepare Building K-27, a former uranium enrichment facility, for demolition. The work will include removal of all high-risk equipment from the facility; duct cutting necessary for Non-Destructive Assay and waste characterization; and foaming. This project accelerates completion of existing environmental protection and site cleanup goals at the East Tennessee Technology Park, eliminating potential environmental threats to the areas surrounding the Oak Ridge Reservation. Completion of the pre-demolition activities will eliminate the risk of a criticality during demolition and allow the Criticality Alarm system to be deactivated, reducing the Environmental Management liabilities. Oak Ridge Reservation Landfill Expansion This project provides for accelerated expansion and upgrades at the Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) Landfill. The expansion is needed to safely meet increased disposal rates resulting from economic stimulus-funded projects and planned future needs. The project includes design and construction activities for landfill disposal space build-outs. The end product will allow efficient disposal at the anticipated increased rates while meeting Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation permits and prescribed operating plans. Completion of the ORR Landfill Expansion will provide a disposal outlet for waste created by currently planned environmental cleanup scope as well as new initiatives included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Environmental Management Waste Management Facility This project is to expand the waste storage capacity of the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility (EMWMF). The expansion is necessary to prepare for future demolition and environmental remediation. The EMWMF provides a waste disposition outlet for wastes meeting specific criteria and thus avoids significant transportation costs to other outlets.

Project Description: Five sub-projects were mobilized and progress achieved as follows: Subcontracts and Purchases - Issued 34 work releases under existing subcontracts, awarded 11 new subcontracts to support sub-projects, and made 646 material purchases. Building K-27 Pre-Demolition - Installed building construction power and lighting; air-gapped vault utilities to achieve safe working conditions; began draining coolant from vault components; began removal and disposition of universal wastes; began installation of grip strut to provide safe working surfaces; received scaffolding materials; and awarded asbestos abatement subcontract. EMWMF ? Awarded subcontract for 1,287,000 square feet of geosynthethic material. Developed on-site materials borrow area; cleared land for Cell 5; built perimeter berms (75,000 cy) and geologic buffer (20,500 cy); and installed leachate pipes (600 lf) at the south berm. Also, installed 2 piezometers and 1 shallow well for future sampling. Began production of low permeability clay (5,000 cy) at the off-site borrow area and placement of the clay liner (2,000 cy) into the cell. ORR Landfill Capacity Expansion - Completed design through the 90% stage 3 weeks ahead of the project milestone. Melton Valley OffSite Monitoring Wells - Acquired owner access agreements for 2 of the 4 well cluster locations and proceeded with construction of access roads. Drilling is to begin in October 2009. Complete Removal Action at Tank W-1A?Issued a Request for Proposal to prequalified subcontractors to remove and containerize contaminated soil, size-reduced 4,000-gallon tank, and tank foundation pad. Proposals were evaluated and a recommendation submitted to DOE for proceeding. Next, the project will initiate development of engineering design and work plans.

Jobs Summary: To date, Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC (BJC) has provided work to a total of 369 individuals (headcount) in support of Recovery Act projects. Of the total headcount, 13 individuals have worked in jobs retained, i.e., previously existing filled positions that were retained as a result of Recovery Act funding, and 356 have worked in jobs created. One hundred sixty (160) were in union positions, and 209 were in non-union positions. The breakdown of individuals by job type is as follows: Management 63, Technical 106, Business 31, Admin/Clerical 8, and Trades/Craft 161. The average annual salary for individuals who have worked on Recovery Act projects is $78,130. Total hours worked on Recovery Act projects by individuals in all jobs equate to 100.0 Cumulative Full Time Equivalents (CFTE?s). Of the total hours, hours worked in jobs retained account for 9.0 CFTE?s and hours worked in jobs created account for 91.0 CFTE?s. Hours worked by individuals in union positions equal 42.5 CFTE?s and hours worked in non-union positions equal 57.5 CFTE?s. The breakdown of CFTE?s by job type is as follows: Management 19.0, Technical 27.0, Business 8.0, Admin/Clerical 3.5 and Trades/Craft 43.0. Reported numbers for headcount and for CFTE?s include individuals who worked through Requests for Offsite Services. In addition, BJC provided work to individuals in subcontractor organizations who are not included in the reported totals. (Total jobs reported: 100)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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