Contract: $35,288,076 - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - civil program financing only - May. 6, 2009

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Award Description: Tuttle Creek Dam was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (?USACE?) on the Big Blue River in north-east Kansas in 1930's. The dam is located in a seismic area. The USACE develop the final design for the seismic retrofit of the dam. The USACE decided to use slurry wall technology to build 351 self-hardening cement-bentonite walls at the downstrem toe of the dam. The walls are 45 ft long, 4 ft wide and 70 ft deep, and are located perpendicular to the axis of the dam. TREVIICOS South installed the downstrem soil stabilization, which reinforce the potentially liquefiable foundation soils and will prevent large displacements of the dam from occurring in case of an earthquake. The downstream soil stabilization, known as Main Construction, was awarded to Treviicos South as a Construction Manager at Risk type Contract. This contract also included the construction of a working platform, the restoration of the downstream embankment and the overlay of riprap on part of the upstream face of the dam. The contract amount is $ 125 Million dollars and the total project duration about 5 years, with an early project completion expected for September 2010. On August 31st TREVIICOS South Completed the construction of the walls.

Project Description: During this fourth quarter of 2009, TREVIICOS South installed approximately 40 treansverse shear walls and continued restoration of the eastern site of the dam. On August 31st, 2009, TREVIICOS South completed the construction of all 351 walls. The burried collector system construction was also started and is still currently under construction.

Jobs Summary: The position created or mantained included:civil engineers, construction supervisors, office staff, equipment operators, construction laborers and truck drivers. (Total jobs reported: 79)

Project Status: More than 50% Completed

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BOSTON, MA 02210
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4565 Highway 13
Manhattan, KS 66502
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