Grant: $141,980 - Administration for Children and Families - Jun. 4, 2009

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Award Description: Discretionary Grant/Service Award/Head Start: Full Year Part Day Handicapped Training and Technical Assistance

Project Description: This action awards: 1. a COLA increase of 1.84% for Head Start staff salaries over the 12-month period following the effective date of the grant. During the quarter July - Sept 2009, we paid out to staff $5203.53 in COLA and fringe benefits. 2.quality improvement funds for Head Start. During the quarter July - Sept 2009, we paid: Angele Passe, consultant, trainer fees and expenses at $1423.59 for training staff in instruction of dual-language learners; ChildPlus at $1670.86,for its trainer in data management to facilitate record-keeping and reporting to ensure effective monitoring of services; Galaxy Technologies, paid $1495. for software to help track the temporary COLA for 75 staff; and Feldsman-Tucker-Leifer-Fidell LLP, $500, for two webinars to learn how to manage ARRA funds. Our landlord, the City of Owatonna, completed renovations to our Head Start site serving 34 children valued at $14,025.15. During this period we generated $665.96 towards our non-federal match of $35,495.

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Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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