Contract: $200,000,000 - Office of Management and Budget - Sep. 23, 2009

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Award Description: The purpose of contract modification 007 which was issued on 9/23/09 is to issue a change order revising the statement of work and to make certain other changes to the contract terms associated with the revised statement of work.Pursuant to contract clause I.78 Section I, entitled FAR 52.232-22 'Limitation of Funds (Apr 1984),' total funds in the amount of $200,000,000 are obligated herein and made available for payment of allowable cost and fee earned related only to the Recovery Act work.Identification of 27 scopes of work to be performed via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) during the period of performance of 9/23/2009 through 9/30/2011.Schedule for submittal of a proposal and a definitization of this scope is defined.This work is generally described as follows:The current Liquid Waste Project lifecycle baseline includes the infrastructure replacement and maintenance necessary to support the processing of the sludge and salt waste through the Liquid Waste System waste processing facilities, including the Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF) and the future Salt Waste Processing Facility (SWPF).The Recovery Act initiative accelerates some of these installation, replacement and maintenance activities which will ensure that the infrastructure and support systems are available and reliable to support startup of SWPF operations and continued operations of DWPF and the Tank Farms.The specific Recovery Act work is contained in Modification 7 DE-AC-09-09SR22505.1.0Safety Improvements;1.1Install computer-based security badge accountability system at Saltstone Facility;1.2.Install system to divert surface water for sufficient drainage for Vault 4;2.0SWPF Integration - Tank Farm Infrastructure for Feed/Product Readiness; 2.1Design and purchase salt blend mixture pumps;2.2.Purchase replacement mixer pumps;2.3.Design and effect modifications to tank top to support mixer/transfer pump installation and install one mixer pump;2.3.Radiation shielding for waste processing tank; 2.5.Design and install chemical addition and transfer process piping;2.6Enhance Saltstone Facility waste feed storage capability;2.7Increase nitrogen tank capacity at DWPF; 3.0DWPF Infrastructure Improvements;3.1Replace Cooling Tower;3.2Replace Argon Tank 3.3Replace Safety Computer Control Systems; 3.4Replace ventilation system;3.5 Purchase replacement electro-mechanical manipulators;3.6Purchase replacement bellows for DWPF melter;4. Tank Farm Infrastructure Improvements;4.1 Replace Safety Computer Control Systems;4.2Replace underground steam system utility piping;4.3Replace chromate cooling water system utility piping;4.4.Replace underground well water system utility piping;4.5Replace underground plant and instrument air system utility piping;4.6Replace evaporator condensate piping;4.7Relocate and install mixer pumps and refurbish tanks for cleaning prior to closure;5.0Salt Waste Processing Improvements;5.1Replace Saltstone Facility grout piping, hopper, hopper agitator and pulsation damper systems;5.2Replace Saltstone Facility air compressor, mixers, vault cameras and grout pump systems;6.0Sludge Processing Improvements;6.1Tank 13 mixing, transfer, cooling and ventilation systems installed to support sludge feed preparation;6.2Install bubblers in DWPF melter;6.3.Upgrade support equipment to accommodate DWPF melter bubblers.Completing this work will provide safety improvements, improve reliability of critical infrastructures needed to support operations in the Tank Farms and DWPF, provide improvements that will improve salt and sludge waste processing, and provide life cycle costs savings.Since this contract mod was just issued on 9/23/09, this scope is currently being definitized and as such associated metrics are under development.This report has been revised to reflect updated information related to the reporting of compensation and more accurate information related to the reporting of the total # of jobs created or retained using ARRA funding.

Project Description: The prime contract modification and funding was authorized on 9/23/09 only seven (7) days prior to the end of the reporting period. One small disadvantaged business was hired and scope definitization was started. The total number of jobs created or retained includes zero (0) workers employed by the contractor (SRR) and 16 subcontractor employees.

Jobs Summary: A combined estimate of 300 FTE's will be created/retained. Various positions will be filled in the following job categories: management, technical, administrative and trade positions to execute the 27 scopes of work. This number is a preliminary estimate and we do not currently have a breakdown between jobs created/retained since the contract modification and receipt of funds occurred only seven (7) days before the reporting period ended. During the reporting period, 18 jobs (technical and administrative) were created through the hiring of one small disadvantaged business to support scope definitization. (Total jobs reported: 0)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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AIKEN, SC 29801
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Savannah River Remediation LLC
Savannah River Site
Aiken, SC 29808
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