Grant: $1,124,920,473 - Department of Education - Apr. 1, 2009

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Award Description: Title I - Grants to LEAs, Recovery Act funds to improve teaching and learning for students most at risk of failing to meet State academic achievement standards.

Project Description: Title I - Part A Grants to LEAs, Recovery Act funds provided to assist LEAs and schools that have high concentrations of students from families that live in poverty in order to help improve teaching and learning of students most at risk of failing to meet State Academic Achievement Standards. The uses of funds under Title I – Grants to LEAs, Recovery Act are to be consistent with the Title I, Part A statutory and regulatory requirements, including the requirements to provide equitable services to eligible private school students. Uses should be aligned with the core goals of the ARRA to save and create jobs and to advance reforms consistent with the requirements of Title I. Possible uses of funds may include: (1) establishing a system for identifying and training highly effective teachers to serve as instructional leaders in Title I schoolwide programs; (2) strengthening and expanding early childhood education by providing resources to align a district-wide Title I pre-K program with state early learning standards and state content standards for grades K–3; (3) providing new opportunities for Title I schoolwide programs for secondary school students to use high-quality, online courseware as supplemental learning materials for meeting mathematics and science requirements; and (4) using reading or mathematics coaches to provide professional development to teachers in Title I targeted assistance programs.

Jobs Summary: Jobs created or retained include approximately 20 percent classified positions, 79 percent certificated positions, and 1 percent vendor jobs. Certificated positions would include teaching positions and classified positions would be non-teaching positions such as bilingual teacher assistants, office staff, district coordinators, and instructional aides. (Total jobs reported: 4,389)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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