City of Richmond

Grant: $2,044,088 - Department of Housing and Urban Development - Jul. 17, 2009

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Award Description: The City of Richmond’s Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing (HPRP) program will provide homeless prevention, diversion and rapid re-housing services to eligible clients residing in the City of Richmond through the funding of eight projects. The program uses two specific targeting criteria to determine eligibility: clients must be at or below 50% of area median income and demonstration of at least 30 days legal residence within the City of Richmond limits; however, additional appropriate additional risk factors may be used by subrecipients to evaluate clients. In addition, all of the funded must serve at least 50 unduplicated clients over the course of the 3 year project. The target client population is single adults that currently reside in the City of Richmond. Within this population, there are five (5) eligible subgroups: 1. Ex-offenders 2. Veterans 3. Victims of domestic violence 4. Youth aging out of foster care, or young adults age 25 years or under who were previously connected to the foster care system 5. Single adults working full or part-time that rely on shelter for their primary residence. All of the projects were funded to address the needs of at least one of the populations listed above. Housing instability and housing barriers will be assess for all clients and a determination will then be made of the best efforts to assist the clients. In addition, all funded projects were selected on the basis of their relationship to, and support of the region’s Homeward’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness.

Project Description: Ex-Offender Rehabilitation will help at least 50 ex-offenders who find permanent housing. Homeless Prevention for Families with Children will provide financial assistance and an in-house housing broker to help approximately 125 families stay together or reunite by helping them find housing or remain where they live. This program will work with the city’s foster care program to help keep families together and their children from entering the foster care system. Assistance to Domestic Violence Victims’ will provide funds for case management, financial assistance and legal representation to approximately 105 domestic violence victims. Legal representation may also be provided to other eligible HPRP clients but the main focus is on victims of domestic violence who have a very high likelihood of becoming homeless. Collaborative Housing Opportunities for Single Adults is a collaborative effort of several service providers. Funds will be used to provide financial subsidies for rent, utilities and supportive services to enable approximately 90 single adults return to stable housing. HPRP Legal Assistance funds will provide assistance to 125 unduplicated clients in order to educate tenants on their rights, interpret leases, provide legal representation for tenant clients and interface with landlords when necessary. Housing Habitability and Quality Inspections will provide housing specialists to conduct housing quality standards inspection on approximately 250 units for applicable HPRP clients. Rapid Re-housing for Single Adults will provide case management, housing and financial assistance to approximately 50 single adults who use the City’s Cold Weather Overflow Shelter for their housing needs. HPRP Data Collection project will provide funds to manage the data collection and reporting needs of the City’s HPRP program through Homeward’s HMIS system. No activities were reported in this quarter.

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Project Status: Not Started

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City of Richmond
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900 East Broad
Richmond, VA 23219
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