Contract: $2,234,000 - Department of the Navy - May. 18, 2009

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Award Description: Delivery Order (DO) 0008 under Contract N65540-06-D-0021 was issued to York Navy Systems (YNS) on 18 May 2009 to demonstrate the production capability of a military specification high efficiency, large capacity chiller with a two-stage, centrifugal, oil-free, variable speed compressor with high speed permanent magnet motor by scaling, packaging and integrating existing commercial technology into discrete components/equipment that will be tested individually and then as an integrated chiller as specified in Project Peculiar Document (PPD) NAVSEA NO. 802-8417916, Development Specification, High Efficiency, Large Capacity R-134a Two-Stage, Centrifugal Oil-Free, Variable Speed Compressor. The goal of the HEL-C compressor is for universal use on all existing military specification R-134a AC Plant heat exchanger shells to include DDG-83AF, LPD-17CL, LHA-6AF, CVN-78AF, SSN-774CL for cost effective back-fit, forward-fit and new design.

Project Description: 4.1.1 Resolved all comments on the VSD specification. Issuance of RFP being delayed pending resolution of issues related to magnetic bearing controller size and cooling method. 4.1.2 Obtained comments from S2M on the draft Mag Bearing and High Speed Motor Draft Specification. Discussed comments via Telecon on Sept 28th. Key issues relate to supplier mag bearing controller cooling, intellectual property, ITAR and safety bearing reliability prediction and time required to review unfamiliar specifications & Standards (MIL, US standards such as ASTM, ASME, UL…) 4.1.3 Reviewed NAVSEA comments on draft Mag Bearing and High Speed Motor Draft Specification with NAVSEA and JCI shock engineering specialist on 17th Sept, 2009. Shock Guidelines in specification for mechanical design confirmed as being applicable based on current 1100 ton experience. 4.1.4 Met with SKF USA representatives to engage them in expediting responses and resolution of Mag Bearing and High Speed Motor Draft Specification open items so that RFP can be issued. 4.1.5 Investigated the 300 Ton/350 Ton DDG Option B (HES-C) with dedicated aero and common motor parts. Obtained S2M’s opinion on impact on motor. Two motor options available from S2M based on commercial laminations.

Jobs Summary: Mechanical Engineer to support technical requirements of contract. Drafter to support drawing requirements on project. Electrical Technician to support software requirements of project. (Total jobs reported: 5)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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BOTTS, PA 17403
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631 S. Richland Ave
York, PA 17403
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