Contract: $338,697,231 - Department of Energy - Apr. 2, 2009

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Award Description: Office of Science (14 projects): 2005370--SLI Construction ($60,568,000); 2005380--General Plant Project funding across all SC laboratories ($9,999,000); 2005190--Fundamental Neutron Physics Beamline MIE at SNS full funding (ORNL) ($600,000); 2005040--Nanoscale Science Research Centers ($5,785,000); 2005220--Enhanced AIP funding at NP user facilities ($2,500,000); 2005290--DIII-D Facility Upgrades ($180,000); 2005087--Leadership Computing Upgrade ($19,900,000); 2005230--Enhanced Utilization of Isotope Facilities ($4,847,000); 2005115--Knowledgebase R&D ($3,188,000); 2005095--Bioenergy Research Center Capital Equipment ($5,362,000); 2005270--Nuclear Science Workforce ($4,380,000); 20005280--R&D on Alternative Isotope Production Techniques ($4,117,000); 2005085--Advanced Computer Architectures ($2,500,000); and 2005060--Computational Partnerships ($3,750,000). Environmental Management (3 projects): 2002101--Oak Ridge Defense ORNL D&D Recovery Act Project ($27,259,326); 2002230--Oak Ridge Non-Defense Recovery Act Project ($14,800,000); and 2002260--Program Direction - EM - Defense Environmental Management ($175,000). Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (11 projects): 2004040--Management and Oversight (EE Program Direction) ($700,000); 2004360--Weatherization Assistance Program ($11,800,000); 2004320--Advanced Materials RD&D in Support of EERE Needs to Advance Clean Energy Technologies and Energy-Intensive Process R&D ($18,100,000); 2004350--EE Conservation Block Grant Program ($16,800,000); 2004000--Modify Integrated Biorefinery Solicitation Program for Pilot and Demonstration Scale Biorefineries ($679,046); 2004020--Fundamental Research in Key Program Areas ($710,000); 2004570--Investigation of Intermediate ethanol blends, optimization of E-85 engines, and development of transportation infrastructure ($5,000,000); 2004380--EE Appliance Rebate Program ($2,500,000); 2004160--Enhance and Accelerate FEMP Service Functions to the Federal Government ($2,175,000); 2004190--EGS Technology R&D ($1,920,000); 2004310--Industrial Assessment Centers and Plant Best Practices ($1,224,800). Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (1 project): 2006000--Smart Grid Investment Grant Program (EISA 1306) ($1,370,000). Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) (1 project): 2010000--ARPA-E Early Harvest Solicitations ($20,000). Inter-Entity Work Order from National Energy Technology Laboratory (1 project): 2004500--Tennessee Deployment of Solar and Grid-Recharge Battery Electric ($6,800,000). General Science and Research Activities, Recovery Act Reimbursable Work for Other Federal Agencies (3 MIPRs): 47WT84--NOAA - Specialized High-Performance Computing Collaboration for Climate Modeling ($73,356,000); and 47WT33--Corps of Engineers - Ohio River Navigation Investment Model ($100,000 - 2 MIPRs). Weapons Activities, Recovery Act Reimbursable Work for Other Federal Agencies (10 MIPRs): 45WV05--Dover Air Force Base - Decentralization of Facilities from Central Heat Plant ($24,807,092 - 8 MIPRs); 45WV13--Air Force Research Laboratory - Generation of Mechanical Properties Database of NT154 Silicon Nitride ($89,900); and 45WV10--Environmental Security Technology Certification Program - Wireless Platforms for Energy-Efficient Building Control Retrofits ($635,067).

Project Description: SC: 2005370--Construction began in June 2009 on a new materials and chemical sciences research facility at ORNL; 2005380--Began conceptual design activities for the Melton Valley Support Facility at ORNL; 2005190--Equipment, ductwork, piping and electrical installation ongoing for the utilities and HVAC systems at the Fundamental Neutron Physics Beamline building; 2005040--Prepared equipment specifications to replenish original equipment and acquire new tools for the NSRC at ORNL; 2005087--Hardware delivery of six-core AMD Istanbul processors to replace the four-core AMD Barcelona processors for the ORNL Leadership Computer Upgrade; 2005230--Issued purchase order for Stable Isotopes to replenish the inventory of research isotopes at ORNL. EM: 2002101--Characterized the wooden superstructure for facilities 3026 C and D at ORNL for demolition and waste disposition. Subcontractor in charge of abatement and demolition is currently mobilized; 2002230--Awarded subcontract for demolition of 2000 Complex East facility and held kick-off meeting with subcontractor on 9/16/2009. EERE: 2004040--Thirty-eight ORNL staff members and 3 post-docs supported EERE's Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant effort as reviewers of grant applications; 2004360--Presentations were made at various conferences to inform the national weatherization community about DOE's Weatherization Assistance Program. Training sessions were provided on use of the Weatherization Assistant energy audit to the States of Tennessee and Texas; 2004320--Drafted expression of interest for commercial demonstration and began literature survey in support of the project to Advance Clean Energy Technologies and Energy-Intensive Process R&D. WFO: 47WT84--Developed plans for required site preparation, external networking and computing infrastructure for the NOAA project. 45WV05--Initiated technology assessments for various buildings at Dover AFB to decentralize facilities from the Central Heat Plant.

Jobs Summary: Management, Administrative/Clerical Support, Crafts, Technicians, and Scientific & Technical (Total jobs reported: 41)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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