Grant: $377,015 - Health Resources and Services Administration - Jun. 29, 2009

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Award Description: ARRA - Capital Improvement Program: Funding is for the alteration, renovation and repair of the current dental practice site, Stedman Family Dental, in Stedman, NC. The project calls for the addition of two operatories, one provider office, one administrative office and the extension of the front desk business area. It also provides for the removal of an unused septic tank in the area over which expansion of the facility will be completed. This will expand capacity and enable the dental site to serve a wider population within the service area

Project Description: (1) Architectural plans approved; (2) licenses fees in place (3) EPA draft review done by environmental engineering firm (4) construction phase beginning

Infrastructure Description: Expansion of the Stedman Family Dental Center will help to revitalize the main downtown business area by bringing more patients from the surrounding rural farming areas to the clinic located on the main road going through the town. The clinic will especially target the uninsured and underinsured for quality dental treatment and improve the accessibility of dental care to the general population at all income levels. Through the increase in patient numbers projected due to the expansion an additional dental assistant will be hired once construction is completed. It is estimated that throughout the construction period jobs on the project will amount ot approximately 1.5 FTE for the building trades. Removal of the septic tank, yet to be completed, will result in an added boost to the local economy.

Jobs Summary: Architect, .05; Carpenter, .10; Other construction assistants, .15 (Total jobs reported: 0)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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Funds Recipient

WADE, NC 28395
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Place of Performance

Stedman Family Dental Center
Highway 24
Stedman, NC 28391
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