Grant: $281,926 - Department of Justice - Jun. 2, 2009

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Award Description: Kennewick, Washington Police Department is the prime recipient of the 2009 ARRA JAG and is disseminating funds to 2 other agencies since we are disparate. Those agencies are Benton County, Washington Sheriff's Office and Richland, Washington Police Department. Kennewick is the fiscal agent for this grant. All 3 agencies plan to promote economic recovery by investing in improved technology and equipment projects to enhance the efficiencies of our officers. Kennewick is implementing 6 new projects including: 2 ruggedized portable computers for SWAT and our Crime Scene response vehicle; 22 Opticom emergency intersection controls for safer emergency response thru intersections; SECTOR hardware (18) for automated citations in patrol vehicles; 5 SECTOR solutions for the traffic unit motorcycles; 20 Data 911 Mobile Data Terminal upgrades in patrol vehicles; 53 ballistic helmets for protection of the head for police officers responding to active shooter, rescuing downed first responders or citizens, civil disobedience or hazmat situations. Benton County Sheriff's Office is purchasing computer forensics and cell phone forensics software and hardware for criminal cases from homicide to child pornography; a new polygraph instrument for use in pre-employment and criminal investigations; 3 800 MHZ compliant digital radios for safe and effective communications; and 37 alcohol breath testing sensors for DUI investigations. The Richland Police Department is purchasing digital photography software for the secure download, storage and retrieval of digital photographs for court presentations; extended warranties for their 23 Mobile Data Terminals in the patrol vehicles for communication with the 911 center, accessing driving and criminal information and communication between patrol vehicles; video and audio recording equipment for 2 detective interview rooms to enhance investigations and provide the most accurate recording of law enforcement contacts; SECTOR hardware and software for 15 patrol vehicles for scanning driver licenses and registrations for citations and accidents saving up to 80% of an officer's time; 50 ballistic helmets for officers for protection of the head for police officers responding to emergency situations as described earlier (Kennewick is also purchasing ballistic helmets for officers).

Project Description: The overall purpose of the Kennewick, Washington ARRA JAG funding is to promote economic recovery by investing in improved technology and equipment projects to enhance the efficiencies of our officers and those at Benton County Sheriff's Office and Richland Police Department. Kennewick is the fiscal agent and Prime Recipient disbursing funds to those agencies as we are disparate. The Benton County Sheriff's Office has spent all of their funding for their stated projects: computer/cell phone forensics software and hardware; a new polygraph system; new 800 MHZ compliant radios; and new alcohol breath testing equipment. Kennewick Police Department has spent most of its funding by purchasing 20 Data 911 Mobile Data Terminals for the patrol vehicles; 2 ruggedized laptops and software for the SWAT and the Crime Scene Response Vehicle; and 22 Opticom Emergency Intersection Controls. Richland Police Department purchased the Veripic photo/video evidence storage system and 23 extended warranties for their Mobile Data Terminals in their police vehicles.

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FINLEY, WA 99336
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211 W. 6th Ave
Kennewick, WA 99336
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