Grant: $1,530,525 - Department of Labor - Feb. 17, 2009

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Award Description: National Able Network, Inc. has provided additional training and employment opportunities to 144 unemployed low-income seniors through the SCSEP. The number of SCSEP participants assigned to community service work, especially in high-growth industries emphasized in the Recovery Act, i.e., health care, child care, education, green jobs, energy efficiency, and environmental services has expanded as well as public service activities that utilize Recovery Act funds. The wages paid to these low-income seniors has provided a direct stimulus to the economies for local communities, which has also benefited from the community service work performed by SCSEP participants.

Project Description: The Senior Community Service Employment Program, or SCSEP, is an employment training program federally funded by the Department of Labor or DOL. Program services are administered and provided through a grant to National Able Network and National Senior Network. SCSEP is designed to be used in conjunction with other programs and services. These programs are provided by public, private and not-for-profit agencies to create a holistic service that will maximize SCSEP Participants? abilities to achieve their employment goals. To qualify for SCSEP, applicants must be 55 years of age or older, be low income as defined by federal poverty guidelines, be willing to provide community service and attend training, be willing to develop a personalized ?Individual Employment Plan.?(IEP). The goals of SCSEP are to: upgrade job skills of the mature person for job placement, provide added income during training, help the mature person get involved in his/her community, provide the local program community with needed service, assist the mature worker in finding unsubsidized employment ARRA Employment Specialist seek opportunities with community-based organizations who receive Recovery Act funds to become a training site with consideration being given to the assumption of a need for extra assistance. This is an excellent training opportunity, especially for the short timeframe that the Recovery Act funds are available. To date ARRA Coordinators have placed 134 SCSEP Participants in community service training assignments in the states of Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Jobs Summary: National Able Network hired 3 Employment Specialist who are responsible for administration of the SCSEP, pursuant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The ARRA Employment Specialist develop and create a participant-centered operation emphasizing the provision of quality work experience opportunities for qualified older workers; develop initiate and coordinate rapid recruitment, screening, case management, training and unsubsidized employment transition activities. The ARRA Employment Specialist implement strategies that result in identifying and selecting new program training sites. Special consideration is given to training sites that can offer positions to participants in high-growth industries to develop skills applicable to in-demand private sector jobs including health care, child care, education, green jobs, energy efficiency, and environmental services. (Total jobs reported: 3)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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