Grant: $498,203 - Department of Justice - Aug. 31, 2009

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Award Description: The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) with the Greensboro, NC YMCA will expand a high-impact, research-based youth mentoring leadership program throughout the Greensboro YMCA area (Guilford & Rockingham counties, combined population 560,000), to reduce delinquent and risky behavior, improve academic performance, leadership, job, and social skills. We will expand the Black and Hispanic Achievers Mentoring Program in scope (from 1 year of curriculum to 4 years of curriculum) and scale (from 40 youth and 20 mentors at one YMCA to 160 youth and 80 mentors at four YMCA's). Grant funds will create: 4 new coordinator jobs at the YMCA; provide some assurance of retention for 10-12 jobs at the YMCA and CCL; develop an enhanced mentor training program improving mentor-mentee matching and integration of mentoring into an expanded multi-year, age-appropriate youth leadership curriculum; develop an innovative summer program for youth including civic engagement activities and internships; conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all program components over four years; implement a sustainability plan to facilitate further expansion of the program beyond the grant period; compile curriculum and facilitation manuals for use by the YMCA to independently implement the program; and disseminate project findings through peer-reviewed publications and national presentations. To measure program success, we will administer end of program surveys (EOP) following each training component. We will track (1) number of mentors recruited (2) percent of mentors who successfully complete the training (3) percent of mentors with increased knowledge of program area (as measured by the Mentor Survey) (4) number of mentors completing all requirements during the reporting period (5) retention rate of mentors during the reporting period (6) percent increase in youth enrolled (7) percent of youth exiting the program successfully completing program requirements, and percent who exit during reporting period (8) number of youth who offend and reoffend (9) number of youth exhibiting desired change in the targeted behaviors (10) percent of youth with whom an evidenced-based practice was used (11) type of program partners (12) and number of mentors representing non-profit service organizations and/or faith-based organizations, private industry, secondary schools, post-secondary education or vocational training providers, or other active partners. Recovery Act Performance Measures: (1) number of unduplicated jobs saved (2) number of unduplicated jobs created (3) number of services created or enhanced (5) the number of collaborative partnerships established and (6) percent of funds allocated for implementing one or more evidenced-based programs or practices. Key outcomes assessed will include delinquent behavior, other risk behaviors, academic performance, leadership, job, and social skills will be measured using several methods: annual Youth Survey, Mentor Survey, Parent Survey, and qualitative interviews and focus groups of participants and mentors. Youth Survey includes: (1) delinquent behavior (2) engaging in other risk behaviors (3) academic performance (4) extra-curricular activities (5) interpersonal skills (6) self-confidence, self-esteem and (7) values development. Risk behavior items will be modeled after survey items from the Centers for Disease Control?s Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) and other youth surveys measuring risk behaviors. Leadership and interpersonal skills items will be modeled after similar items used in other CCL assessment tools. Mentor Survey will assess both the perceptions the mentors have of their mentees? development based on the key outcomes, as well as the mentors? development. Parent Survey will measure parents? perceptions of the impact the program has had on their youth.

Project Description: In the month of September (grant award date 9/2), we (1) recruited 70 youth, recruited 31 mentors (33 had been recruited in August, as well), designed an extended (8 hour) mentor training session, trained 26 mentors by holding 1 mentor training session (15 were trained in one previous mentor training session in August), designed and implemented a full day youth/mentor kick off session with 46 youth and 25 mentors attending, and designed the curriculum for the first of seven youth leadership sessions to be held in October. We also contructed mentor and youth surveys to gather baseline data prior to training sessions and administered those surveys to the 46 youth attending the kick off session and all 41 mentors prior to their traning sessions, as well as designing and administering end of session evaluation forms for both kick off and mentor trainings. Finally, end of session evaluation forms were designed for the first of the seven leadership sessions to be held in October.

Jobs Summary: This grant has allowed for the creation of four half time jobs at the YMCA branches in Greensboro, to coordinate the leadership and mentoring programs for youth at each site. During the month of September, a coordinator job description was written, candidates were selected for interviews, interviews were conducted, and four hightly qualified coordinators were chosen to fill the positions. Two externally funded positions at CCL have been at least partly saved through this funding (at a total of .4 FTE): the project manager for this work was on a 2 year contract from the YMCA for design and implementation of one year of curriculum for this program. The grant allowed expansion of this work (from 15% of full time to 40% of full time, an increase of 25% time or .25FTE) to design and implementation of a four year curriculum, expanded mentor training, evaluation of that program, writing and publication of results, and implementation of a sustainability plan for the program beyond the grant period. The co-PI on this grant was in a position that was only partly funded and was able to gain salary support (@ 15% of full time, .15 FTE) for an additional part of her time through this recovery grant. This has allowed CCL to retain two people at full time (in combination with other funding) who would otherwise not have been fully employed. (Total jobs reported: 2)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

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