Public Buildings Service

Funded Awards

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract BIM support $4,497,246 Jackson MS 6 0
Contract Provide engineering services for the retro-commisiioning of building systems at McMaddon Couthouse Building in Bridgport CT, Giamo Fedeal Building in… $104,129 Providence RI 0 1
Contract Continuing construction administration services for the renovation of Emanuel Celler Courthouse. $862,868 Brooklyn NY 2 1
Contract As per ARRA # 153, 154, 156R1, 158, 159, 161, 164, & amendment PCE6. $1,921,724 Brooklyn NY 12 -1
Contract Provide on site technical support, contract administration and project management services on ARRA minor and major projects to the GSA… $374,800 Philadelphia PA 3 -1
Contract The objective of this project is to install a large Photo Voltaic Panel array on the roof of the Spottswood… $8,402 Richmond VA 0 -1
Contract Construction phase services including Preconstruction Meeting, Submittal Review, response to Contractor questions, RFP preparation, Project Progress Meeting, Substantial Completion inspection,… $28,493 Abingdon VA 0 1
Contract Elizabeth Kee Federal Building in Bluefield, WV Recovery - Restroom Modernization $275,000 Bluefield WV 0 0
Contract Construction Manager as Agent services for the renovation of the George C. Young FB CT located in Orlando, FL. $1,034,688 Orlando FL 1 -4
Contract Project is just getting started. $60,000,000 Jackson MS 7 -7
Contract The award of CMc includes provide all professional, technical, administrative and clerical personnel as needed to perform Design Phase Services… $32,000,000 Birmingham AL 0 -6
Contract The Project is the restoration of the Chicago Federal Center (CFC) Plaza. The plaza is surrounded by the Dirksen Federal… $2,396,809 Chicago IL 8 2
Contract Planning and designing for the recommissioning and retro-commissioning of the existing US Courthouse Building in order to improve the energy… $150,360 Chicago IL 3 0
Contract Study to investigate three existing 300 ton chillers with one that will be more fuel efficient. $17,822 Chicago IL 3 -2
Contract Replace curtain wall windows, Federal Building, Mt. Vernon, IL $362,000 Mount Vernon IL 0 -1
Contract A/E Services under ARRA for replacement of existing sewer system for Federal Center Complex, including separation of storm and sanitary… $26,588 Saint Louis MO 1 -2
Contract RAY Building RCx A/E Services under ARRA funding include: total building re-commissioning/retro-commissioning assistance $54,910 Saint Louis MO 0 -2
Contract Robert J. Dole US Courthouse ARRA roof. $1,360,419 Kansas City KS 8 -2
Contract Furnish and install lighting fixtures and controls at the Dellums FB in Oakland, CA. This requirement involves replacing existing troffer… $4,371,639 Oakland CA 0 -6
Contract Project is to remove and replace approximately 48,000 SF of deteroriated roof system and install new cool roof system meeting… $2,461,717 Chicago IL 0 -5
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