Air Force Materiel Command

Funded Awards

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant ARRA Administrative Supplement to FA9453-08-2-0228 $649,862 Tempe AZ 0 -1
Contract Install an new generator and transfer switch to operate water well. $88,267 Eglin Afb FL 3 -1
Contract Install new communication equipment to remote water well sites. $298,901 Eglin Afb FL 4 -1
Contract Install new concrete pad for dumpster access. $9,862 Eglin Afb FL 2 -2
Contract Install new power, fire alarm and HVAC to existing building. $89,890 Eglin Afb FL 7 -2
Contract Install new waterline to Bldg. 130 for washing town test station for aircraft. $6,810 Eglin Afb FL 2 0
Contract Overall Statement of Work: Boeing will assist the US Air Force in determining the best possible configurations for its future… $892,193 Huntington Beach CA 1 0
Contract Remove old flooring and install new epoxy floor coating system in Bldg. 8640. $295,532 Eglin Afb FL 8 -1
Contract Remove old joint sealant and replace with new LOX sealant. The purpose is to facilitate government testing. $4,285 Eglin Afb FL 2 0
Contract Replace existing transformer $14,572 Eglin Afb FL 2 0
Contract SBIR Phase II $330,000 La Puente CA 0 0