National Science Foundation

Funded Awards

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Experiments and Modeling of Bubbly Surface Jets $159,977 Iowa City IA 0 -3
Grant CAREER: Scalable Moving-Domain QM/MM Methods for the Computation of Protein Electrostatics $600,000 Storrs Mansfield CT 1 -3
Grant Search for Tau Neutrinos in IceCube Data $516,000 Tuscaloosa AL 1 -3
Grant RI: Medium: Deciphering Natural Language (DECIPHER) $1,200,000 Marina Del Rey CA 2 -3
Grant Climate Change Adaptation in High Latitude Rural Development Planning $173,697 Moscow ID 0 -3
Grant New GK12 GlobalWatershed: Integrating Rural and Global Perspectives with Research and Technological Advances $2,499,351 Houghton MI 0 -3
Grant Studies of fundamental constants, interactions and symmetries via low-energy, high-precision muon experiments $587,955 Lexington KY 0 -3
Grant MRI: Acquisition of an Ultra-low Background Gamma Spectroscopy Platform for Measuring Ionizing Radiation $397,316 Las Vegas NV 0 -3
Grant Collaborative Research: A high-resolution middle Pleistocene paleoclimate record from the Valles Caldera, New Mexico $233,724 Duluth MN 0 -3
Grant RUI: Caenorhabditis elegans Gamete Interactions During Fertilization $600,000 Duluth MN 1 -3
Grant CAREER: Research, Education, and Capacity Building - Genomic Structure of Native Peruvian Populations $644,946 Norman OK 0 -3
Grant III: Medium: Longview: Querying the Future Now $1,200,001 Providence RI 2 -3
Grant 'Memphis Mathematics and Science Teacher Induction Fellowship' $1,500,000 Memphis TN 1 -3
Grant Type-II Nanorod Heterostructures for Solar Harvesting Applications $200,000 Austin TX 1 -3
Grant CAREER: Wind Power - Multilevel Control, Intelligent Grid Integration and Real Time Digital Simulation $400,000 Cookeville TN 0 -3
Grant Collaborative Research: Gender and Constitutions: A Comparative Analysis of the Effect of Gender Provisions. $138,970 Oshkosh WI 2 -3
Contract Modification to approve, fund, and provide required clauses for tasking related to the 2009 ARRA. $7,000,000 Englewood CO 0 -2
Contract South Pole traverse equipment, replacement of heat trace system at McMurdo Station and replacement of airfield vehicles. $18,500,000 Englewood CO 0 -2
Grant Collaborative Research: A 'Horizontal Ice Core' for Large-Volume Samples of the Past Atmosphere, Taylor Glacier, Antarctica $700,302 La Jolla CA 1 -2
Grant Financial Institution and Immigrant Integration in the U.S. and Canada $224,272 Tempe AZ 2 -2
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