National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Awards Awarded

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC AD - Pacific Grove HVAC Mods $84,716 Seattle WA 0 0
Contract Biologist support services for NOAA NMFS California $250,000 Long Beach CA 2 0
Contract This project is being undertaken to provide digital shoreline mapping for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) nautical charts.… $317,539 Bowie MD 0 0
Contract The increased support provided by this award will specifically allow ARRA data to be consistently reported, interfaced to external systems… $480,032 Gaithersburg MD 2 -2
Contract DESKTOP $12,473 Round Rock TX 0 -3
Contract Provide Hydrological Instrumentation: self contained gas purge systems for use with non-submersible transducers with installation kits $18,635 Logan UT 0 0
Contract The purpose of the Delivery Order is to purchase Part No. CMW117, HIPS/SIPS Professional Software (inclusive of HIPS Multibeam Professional… $5,000 Alexandria VA 0 -1
Contract Environmental Specialist to review federal action at National Marine Fisheries in Sandy Hook, NJ. $93,500 Gloucester MA 1 -2
Contract Geothermal HVAC Oxford MD $70,704 Oxford MD 0 -1
Contract GFDL Princeton $2,077,544 Plainsboro NJ 10 -3
Contract Design of Demolition, Hazmat Remediation, and Environmental Restoration of Building B&C at the NOAA Southwest Fisherie4s Science Center in La… $192,925 Bellevue WA 1 0
Contract Task Order 11 extends the operational period of performance for the NTIA DTV Coupon Program through January 31, 2010, as… $43,517,369 Fairfax VA 12 -3
Contract Shoreline Mapping of Lake Superior, Michigan $303,506 Big Stone Gap VA 1 -1
Contract Data Configuration, Data Loading, Data Management, Data Ingestion, and Data Verification; Data Ingestion, Verification, and Product Generation; Data Processing, Analysis… $586,466 Takoma Park MD 3 0
Contract Shallow water hydrographic survey off the Southwest Alaska Peninsulain accordance with OPR-P188-TE-09, for sheets D, E, & F. $4,019,801 Palmer AK 18 0
Contract Training Services for Recovery Act reporting to NOAA AGO offices nationwide $349,906 Silver Spring MD 2 0
Contract Contractor shall provide NOAA Line Offices and Corporate Service Office project management support for its PMO activities, advising implementation issues,… $79,980 Washington DC 2 0
Contract 3EA Equipment Mounting Stands - Aluminum stand to be used to mount an enclosure with sensitive electronic oceanographic and meteorological… $1,920 Marysville WA 0 0
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