National Science Foundation

Awards Awarded

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Collaborative Research: Postseismic deformation of the Earth after the great 2006-2007 Kuril earthquake doublet: Implications for mantle rheology $28,503 Fairbanks AK 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: The M8.0 Pisco Peru Earthquake - A Benchmark Ground Failure Event for Remote Sensing and Data Archiving $28,817 Pullman WA 0 0
Grant EAGER: Using Nonmetals Separated from E-Waste and Waste Plastic Bags in Improving the Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Materials $29,018 Houghton MI 0 0
Grant RUI: Confidence Intervals for the Duration of a Mass Extinction $29,401 Swarthmore PA 0 0
Grant Fire-Induced Changes of Soil Structure: Implications for Soil Hydraulic Properties and Coupled Erosion by Water and Wind $29,715 Las Vegas NV 2 -1
Grant Development and Characterization of Bio-Binder from Swine Manure $29,971 Greensboro NC 0 0
Grant Biomimetic Moisture-Resistant Micro-Condensation Surfaces $29,995 Davis CA 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Coherent Transport in the One-Dimensional Limit $30,000 Evanston IL 0 -1
Grant EAGER: SMA Z-Pinned SMP Cored Sandwich Structure for Self-Healing Impact Damage $30,000 Baton Rouge LA 0 0
Grant Physics of non-neutral and electron-position plasmas confined on magnetic surfaces $30,121 New York NY 0 0
Grant RAPID: Pre-Disturbance Surveys of Wood Loads in Headwater Streams of the Colorado Front Range $30,435 Fort Collins CO 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: Functional and Ecological correlates of bone material variation in cercopithecoid mandibles $30,799 Schenectady NY 0 0
Grant Acquisition of a Carbon Analyzer to Support Research in Sedimentary Systems $31,036 Lincoln NE 0 0
Grant NSF RAPID GRANT-The Migrant Material Culture Project: An Ethnographic and Ethnoarchaeological Analysis of Undocumented Migration in Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico $31,860 Seattle WA 1 0
Grant CSR:Medium:Collaborative Research: Stochastically Robust Resource Allocation for Computing $31,972 Boulder CO 0 0
Grant Acquisition of microscope and automated stage system for fission-track analysis $31,974 Tucson AZ 5 0
Grant EAGER Collaborative Research: Development of Synthetic Fly Ash Glass as a Model System for Investigating Fly Ash Reactivity $32,114 Washington DC 0 0
Grant EAGER: Enginering of Ultra-High Performance Cement Based Materials Using Superhydrophobic Hybridization $32,791 Milwaukee WI 0 0
Grant Robust Frontier and Boundary Estimation: Theory and Application $32,873 Corvallis OR 0 0
Grant Collaborative Research: REU Site Project--Evolution of Precambrian Rocks in Yellowstone National Park $34,623 Baton Rouge LA 0 0
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