National Science Foundation

Awards Awarded

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant Lower Cost Carbon-Carbon Composites Densified by Microwave Heating $100,000 Tucson AZ 1 0
Grant Maternal effects as a bridge between parental environment and offspring phenotype during range expansion $322,746 Tucson AZ 0 1
Grant Early Career: Technician Support for the University of Arizona Center for Environmental Physics and Mineralogy $195,015 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Photothermal Energy Conversion in Nanofluids $325,000 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant Multi-Scale Particle-Based Simulation of Disorded/Ordered Interfaces for High Efficiency Solar Cells $316,000 Tempe AZ 2 0
Grant Using a Cognitive Framework of Differentiated Overt Learning Activities (DOLA) for Designing Effective Classroom Instruction in Materials Science and $400,000 Tempe AZ 0 0
Grant RIDGE: Tipping Points in the Evolution of Submarine Hydrothermal Systems: Rock Alteration, Organic Transformation and Habitat Generation $521,875 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant Gradient-index mm-Wave/Terahertz Components via Polymer-jetting Rapid Prototyping $328,908 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Acquisition of a New Electron Imaging Facility in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona $420,409 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant K-Space Multifunctional Acoustic Wave Devices $296,660 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Upgrades to the NSF Arizona Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory $496,411 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant SSWAP: Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol $761,422 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Collaborative research: Human Resources for Computational High Energy Physics $140,000 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant III-Medium: A Machine Learning Approach to Computational Understanding of Skill Criteria in Surgical Training $874,484 Tempe AZ 1 0
Grant A Sideband-Separating Receiver at 385-500 GHz: Advancing Spectroscopic Frontiers at Sub-Millimeter Wavelengths $656,052 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant RI:Medium: Collaborative Research: Solving Stochastic Planning Problems Through Principled Determinization $328,821 Tempe AZ 2 0
Grant Following Refractory Elements from Circumstellar Ejecta to the Interstellar Medium: A Combined Laboratory and Observational Study $200,000 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Addressing Current Challenges in (U-Th)/He Thermochronology and Running Summer Student Workshops $280,068 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Design of Power and Area Efficient, Fault-tolerant Network-on-Chip Circuits and Architectures $365,545 Tucson AZ 0 0
Grant Acquisition of Imaging Equipment to Understand the Dynamics of Explosive Volcanic Flows through Lab Experiments & Field Observations $175,590 Tempe AZ 0 0
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